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    Teaching Japan Conference

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    The triple disaster of 3.11 (earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis) remains to this day a traumatic experience for the people of Japan, and it has had repercussions for the field of Japanese Studies as well.  To the degree that 3.11 and the ongoing reactions to it are at the center of Japanese identity today, the various academic disciplines have been prompted to reflect on their own pertinence and position as they consider Japan.  While the country prior to 3.11 basked in the glow of the "cool" of its globally appreciated popular culture (manga, anime, J-pop, etc.), today it seems to require a more nuanced engagement.  How has Japanese culture, contemporary and traditional, "high brow" and popular, been recalibrated by 3.11?  How has 3.11 influenced the audience for Japanese Studies?  How should researchers and educators incorporate 3.11 into their work?


    This conference will provide a forum to discuss how these new concerns have influenced our pedagogies, both in terms of re-evaluating our traditional curricula and possibilities of future dimensions that can be explored. Once again, like our predecessor in Chicago, this conference would also like to continue the conversation begun between practitioners of academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences that include but are not limited to anthropology, art and art history, ethics, religious studies, film, history, language, literature, media, peace studies, political science, sociology and theatre.

    Prof. Susan Napier of Tufts University in Boston will be the keynote speaker.

    The conference has been made possible, in part, through the generosity of the Department of Education’s Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program grant, Japan Foundation and Elizabethtown College.

    The deadline for registration is April 20
    th 2013. A limited number of rooms are reserved at the Holiday Inn Express at Elizabethtown.   

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    Conference Schedule (PDF)

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